Fizzly The Open Smart Tracker: Open API and Hardware Extension

Smart Tracker

An Open Smart Tracker for Developers


Fizzly an Open Smart Tracker meant to be open to improvement from the community as it is designed to let third-party developers extend its functionality, both through software with open APIs, and hardware, thanks the I2C communication protocol over microUSB. With designers and developers, more and more new apps and extensions will be available to interact with Fizzly in the future!

Fizzly uses the new Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy standard. BLE reduces exponentially the power consumption, decreases latency and total time to send data (6ms VS 100 ms), and expands your personal network capabilities.

Fizzly Open Smart Tracker implements new customized BLE services (accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, RGB LED, buzzer) to allow sensor reading and to control its LED lights. It is also possible to control these services through ad hoc characteristics especially created for Fizzly. To easily access Fizzly features we will develop iOS and Android APIs, ready to be imported in Xcode or in your favorite Android Development Environment.


Software and APIs

We’ll provide APIs to easily start Fizzly app deployment on iOS and Android operative systems. You can import simple projects in your development environment to manage all Fizzly features and services.

API Smart Tracker 1

We will provide application source code to explore Fizzly’s basic functions, for example: show Fizzly BLE characteristics, configuration parameters , graph data values to let you easily understand Fizzly features and workflow. Developing with an Open Smart Tracker has never been so easy.
API Smart Tracker 2


With this sample code you can connect one or more Fizzly, enable sensors, set sensors options (range, precision, datarate), enable or disable notifications, set data frequency, control RGB LED or buzzer.

We provide a server service to manage Fizzly connection to your smartphone app. It handles Fizzly out-of-range events, auto reconnections, sharing data with multiple apps.

API Smart Tracker 3


CocoaPods / Maven

The libraries will be available with a full documentation through CocoaPods for iOS, and in the Maven repository for Android Studio.

Simple Gesture Recognizer Example

We will also provide a simple example of gesture recognizer engine. It will be able to detect simple movements. It allows you to understand recognition principles and practice with them.
API Smart Tracker 4

Hardware Specs


– 3-axis accelerometer
– 3-axis magnetometer
– 3-axis gyroscope
– Bluetooth low energy module (BLE)
– On board memory for non real time activities
– Capacitive button
– Acoustic buzzer
– Micro USB connector (recharge)
– Rechargeable coin single cell battery 200 mAh, 3,7V
– I2C connection over microUSB*
– Keyring hole
– Requested certifications: CE (EU) and FCC


API Smart Tracker 4

Hardware Extension


Fizzly Open Smart Tracker is also expandable! You can even add more sensors to it using the I2C (micro USB) to activate new awesome functionalities like opening electric doors, controlling you garden irrigation, or make smart your old lamps and so on.

This extension includes:

– A Light sensor to detects light variations;

– A Temperature Sensor to detects temperature variations;

– A Relais, an electrical switch to suspend and resume the electricity flow;

– A Voltage booster, a device which acts to raise the voltage of a DC current to help feeding the bistable solenoid valves;

– A 9v battery slot to power the relais and the voltage booster (when needed).